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Main component

Main component

The Main component is the heart and brain of your system.

It functions as the hub of all communication within the system and with the monitoring station. It is connected via the mobile (GSM) network and via broadband.

Dual communication paths mean that the system remains connected to the alarm centre even if the internet connection fails or mobile coverage fails temporarily.

Verisure Voice - speak and listen unit

Verisure Voice

Direct contact between home and monitoring station simplifies alarm clarification.

When the alarm is triggered, Verisure Voice is activated, and the monitoring station can listen in and talk to the people present. This helps the operator resolve the cause of the alarm, and rapidly act accordingly.  

Verisure Voice is used by the monitoring station to alert and scare off the thieves by informing them that the police is on their way.

In the everyday life, Verisure Voice may be helpful if a family member needs guidance in using the alarm.

Camera detector

Camera detector

The camera detector reacts to motion, and captures images of the moving object.

With images from your home, the operator can immediately check what caused an alarm and rapidly act accordingly. 

The sensitivity of the sensors can be set to not react to motion from pets (up to 35 kg).

The camera is only active when the alarm is armed. It will also be activated if the Smoke detectors go off.

You can also take images yourself with the Verisure App when the camera is fully armed.



The siren produces a 105 decibel loud alarm noice when the alarm is triggered.

 With an integrated thermometer, the siren functions in principle as an additional fire alarm as it issues an alarm when the temperature exceeds 65°C or if the temperature rises more than 18°C in less than 170 seconds.

. You can also read off the indoor temperature using the Verisure App.

Smoke detector

Smoke detector

Verisure smoke detectors talk to you and to each other.

 The detectors are interconnected and provide simultaneous warnings with voice messages and signals so that everyone in your home soon knows where smoke has been detected. When the alarm goes off, the monitoring station is alerted, and you get a message on your mobile.

The smoke detector also measures room temperature and relative air humidity.


Chock sensor magnet

Chock sensor magnet

Door- and window chock sensors magnets trigger the alarm before the thieves get in.

The magnets are placed on doors, windows and other exposed entry points, and triggers the alarm if movement from eg. a hammer, grinder or drill is detected, and if a door or window is opened.

To keep you safe, also when you are at home and at night while you are sleeping, you can activate only the magnets in the alarm system to act as as an outer protection shield.

With the settings in the App you can program the light to go on if vibration is detected, and simulate someone being home.

Key pad

Key pad

With the key pad, you arm and disarm the alarm with your personal code or code key.

 On the key pad you also see fire alerts, or if your system needs maitenance.

The key pad also works as a panic alarm. If you press the two SOS keys simultaneously, a silent alarm is sent directly to an operator at our monitoring station. They will then try to reach you by phone or Verisure Voice, and if you do not answer, a security officer is sent to your house to check on you.

The key pad can also be set to produce a signal when someone enters the front door.

Code key

Code key

Code keys, simplyfies the daily use of the alarm for the entire family.

Simply click the outside-of-house-button and hold the StarKey up against the Key pad to arm the alarm. To disarm the alarm, you strike the Code key against the star on the on the Key pad.

Each code key has a unique identity. This allows you to check who enters and leaves your home and you can easily block a lost key or register a new one.

The code keys are available in six colors: white, balck, red, blue, pink and turquoise.

Security sign

Security signs

Security signs helps prevent the no of burglaries with up to 99,9%.

Visible outdoor security signs warns the thieves that this home is protected by a security system, and this normally scares off potential burglars.

Thieves normally target out a house with an easy entry and escape. Homes with a security system do not allow for that.

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Best in test

Winner 4 years in a row at Norsk Kundebarometer

Business winner 5 years in a row

Norsk Kundebarometer awards Verisure the residential alarm company with the most satisfied customers.

Best i Test 2014 - TV2 Hjelper Deg

Best in test

TV2 Hjelper Deg awards Verisure Best in Test on security guard response time on confirmed burglar alarms.

Winner of Internet of things 2017

Best IoT platform 2017

Mobile Institute awards Verisure winner of Internet of Things Enterprise of the Year.

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