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Verisure is Norway’s leading provider alarm systems for families and small businesses. We provide innovative security technology tailored for each individual customer. Learn more about our alarm products

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Immediate help and free security officer callouts

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The online result will give you an estimate for what alarm services that best corresponds with your security needs. An exact price requires more personal information, that will be obtained through a free home security inspection or by phone.

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Home or business. Family or employees. We keep it all safe.

home security


Smart security and safety for your home and the ones you love.

business security


Create a safe and secure work environment for your employees

Smart home automation


Protect your home intelligently and get a simpler everyday life.

home secured with chock sensor magnets

News! Shock sensor and glass break detection included

Verisure`s new 3-in-1 door- and window magnets provide a complete boundary protection, and stops burglars from entering your home.

– detects if a door or window is forced open

– detects glass that crushes or if a window is removed

– sounds the alarm to alert you and the monitoring station

can be placed directly on the window glass

– keeps the burglars out

See how the home alarm works


Se video om hvordan Verisure brannalarm virker

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Safety, quality and expertice

Installation and service

Installation and service

Our FG certified alarm specialists will take care of the installation of your system.

The installation of the alarm is performed professionally and tested by a qualified dealer who also shows you how easy it is to use the alarm system.

Our high quality products are basically maintenance-free, but if errors should occur, we will correct this for free.


Dedicated monitoring station

Dedicated monitoring station

As a Verisure customer, your home is profesionally monitored 24/7.

Verisure/Securitas Direct's monitoring station is staffed by specially trained alarm operators 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They specialise in interpreting and verifying the cause of an alarm and can quickly decide what action is required.

Our monitoring station is only available to Verisure/Securitas Direct customers. Our operators work only with the technology and services we offer. This means that we can offer one of the best services on the market.


Free security officer callouts

Free security officer callouts

At valid or unclear alarms, a security officer will go to your home and investigate.

At verified valid alarms, a security officer will visit your home and do a, free of charge*, outdoor inspection of your home. If keys are available they will also do an indoor expection. (*exceptions are obvious abuse of the service).

Verisure works with Securitas, who have many years of experience and offers professional security officer services.