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Verisure alarm products
Verisure alarm products

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Verisure alarm products

Every home or business has its own individual characteristics, and the Verisure Alarm is tailored to suit to the needs of the premises. Verisure’s alarm products are developed with the most advanced security technology available.


Main component

The Main component is the heart and brain of your system.

It functions as the hub of all communication within the system and with the monitoring station. It is connected via the mobile (GSM) network and via broadband.

Dual communication paths mean that the system remains connected to the alarm centre even if the internet connection fails or mobile coverage fails temporarily.


Verisure Voice

Verisure Voice

Direct contact between home and monitoring station simplifies alarm clarification.

When the alarm is triggered, Verisure Voice is activated, and the monitoring station can listen in and talk to the people present. This helps the operator resolve the cause of the alarm, and rapidly act accordingly.

Verisure Voice is used by the monitoring station to alert and scare off the thieves by informing them that the police is on their way.

In the everyday life, Verisure Voice may be helpful if a family member needs guidance in using the alarm.


Camera detector

The camera detector reacts to motion, and captures images of the moving object.

The PIR Sensor is a powerful Photo Detector with an integrated flash, so it can take photographs even in total darkness. When our motion sensor device detects an intruder, it automatically sends an image sequence to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Our team then analyses the images captured by the Photo Sensor and contacts Guard Response if needed.

The images are recorded and kept in Verisure's Data Processing Centre. They will only be released upon request from either the customer or Guard Response.



The siren produces a 105 decibel loud alarm noice when the alarm is triggered.

The Verisure High-Power Alarm Siren is a key feature of our Alarm System and a powerful deterrent. The siren works independently from the Alarm Control Panel making it more difficult for burglars to disable.The Alarm's High Power Siren not only scares the burglars, but also alerts your neighbours.


Key pad

With the key pad, you arm and disarm the alarm with your personal code or code key.

The key pad allows you to connect and disconnect your alarm without having to memorise a security code, offering you the easiest and most convenient way to use and control your Security System.

On the key pad you also see fire alerts, or if your system needs maitenance.

The key pad also works as a panic alarm. If you press the two SOS keys simultaneously, a silent alarm is sent directly to an operator at our monitoring station. They will then try to reach you by phone or Verisure Voice, and if you do not answer, a security officer is sent to your house to check on you.

The key pad can also be set to produce a signal when someone enters the front door.


Shock sensor magnet

Door- and window shock sensors magnets trigger the alarm before the thieves get in.

At Verisure doors and windows are equipped with a sensitive Shock Sensor Technology to protect all access points to your house, whether you are at home or not. This technology is very easy to use and understand; the device is simply placed on door and window frames so when someone tries to break in, our Shock-Sensor System will automatically trigger the alarm.

Our detectors have an advanced filter that can distinguish the movement caused by intruders from environmental factors. With our highly sensitive sensors we can detect the burglar before he even enters the house or business.


Smoke detector

Verisure Smoke Detectors are connected in series and provide simultaneous warnings and signals so that everyone in your home knows that smoke has been detected.

The detectors are interconnected and provide simultaneous warnings with voice messages and signals so that everyone in your home soon knows where smoke has been detected. When the alarm goes off, the monitoring station is alerted, and you get a message on your mobile.

The smoke detector also measures room temperature and relative air humidity.




Panic Button

By pressing the SOS Panic buttons, you can request emergency services immediately via the Verisure Alarm Receiving Centre.

If you push the SOS panic buttons, you will receive immediate assistance from Verisure Alarm Receiving Centre. The Panic Alarm Button is very useful in case of emergency or when there is a safety risk in your home or business premises. Whenever you press the SOS button, our staff will directly activate the silent listening mode and will receive images from the security cameras to check on the situation and, if necessary, call the Guard Response.




Deterrent signs

Deterrent alarm stickers that are placed on doors and windows are an important part of burglar prevention.

 All Verisure customers receive our Deterrent Signs. Deterrent Signs are ideal to keep criminals away. Alarm Signs and Stickers warn burglars about images being recorded and this has a significant impact on intruders who are afraid of being identified by the police.

Verisure Deterrent Signs are distributed in several sizes so they can be used in different locations around the home/business: on doors, windows or external areas. Verisure Alarm Stickers and Signs warn burglars of the risk they are taking if they try to rob your home or business.




Code key

Code keys, simplyfies the daily use of the alarm for the entire family.

Simply click the outside-of-house-button and hold the StarKey up against the Key pad to arm the alarm. To disarm the alarm, you strike the Code key against the star on the on the Key pad.

Each code key has a unique identity. This allows you to check who enters and leaves your home and you can easily block a lost key or register a new one.

The code keys are available in six colors: white, balck, red, blue, pink and turquoise.


Night safety panel

Enables you to activate or deactivate your alarm while you are at home. Contains SOS function.

 You can activate the alarm's SOS function, and also arm and disarm the alarm's partial protection. With the door bell function, you are notified if someone opens a door or a window with a chock sensor magent.


Key Safe

Keys available 24/7 in a key safety box with access code.

The key safe is an easy and safe way to give your kids, a craftsman or someone else you trust access to your home or cottage. If something should happen at your house thast requires giving a Guard, the police or the firedepartment access to your house. Keys are always available.

You can add and change codes to the box when you please.


Smart Plug

With the Smart Plug you can control lighting and almost all electrical appliances plugged into the socket via the Verisure App.

Turn on and off with your mobile. Program the lighting so that it looks as if someone is home when you are not. Automate or schedule the lights and heat to go on and off when you arm or disarm your alarm system.


Smart Camera

Use the Smartkamera to see what happens in your home directly on your mobile.

The Smart Camera is a wireless, small and flexible camera that is integrated with your alarm system and can be controlled via the Verisure App. Take pictures whenever you want, or automatically when something happens. The images are transferred encrypted to your Verisure App. If you choose to have the smart camera enabled as a motion detector, you will be notified on the mobile when the Smart Camera has new images to display.


Water detector

With a water detector, you get early warning of a leak, allowing you to take action quickly and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Leakages can occur from dishwasher, joints on pipes, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters and in basements. Our Alarm Receiving Centre monitors the detector around the clock and calls you as soon as the alarm goes off. You will also be notified on your mobile via the Verisure App.


Smart lock

Remote and control your front door from wherever you are with your mobile.

With Verisure's Smart lock module, in your Yale Doorman electronic door lock, you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world via your mobile. Via mobile remote control you can let visitors, craftsmen or deliveries in, and check if the door is locked. You can get notifications that the children are home, and remotely control the door lock if anyone should have forgotten their code.


Heat Pump Manager

 With Verisure Heat Pump Manager in your Panasonic heat pump you can remotely control your heat pump.

The Verisure app acts as a remote control for the heat pump, so you can regulate the temperature from wherever you are.

With a heat pump you get cheaper heating in the winter, good cooling in the summer and a clean and healthy indoor environment year-round. Up to 99% of all bacteria, pollen and mold in the air, are cleaned with heat pump. Families afflicted with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems can have increased quality of life when using a heat pump.


Climate Sensor

With the climate sensor you have control of the temperature and humidity in the room.

The indoor climate affects the well-being of family members.

Too high relative humidity can cause moisture problems, mold and mites, while low humidity can cause dry eyes and dry skin, or allergies. With the Climate Sensor you have control over the temperature and humidity.

Indoor surveillance camera

Indoor surveillance camera

Your home is just a click away with video indoor camera and app.

The indoor surveillance camera enables you to keep track of what is happening on your premises in real time through high-definition imaging, from wherever you are in the world. You can store all this information in the Cloud, and Verisure can access your video system if the alarm is triggered.

Outdoor surveilance camera

Outdoor surveillance camera

Prevent burglary and vandalism to your home or business.

The outdoor surveillance camera is designed to protect the external spaces around your business or home: communal areas, gardens, yards, etc.

The built in motion detector anticipates and picks up every move the intruder makes and triggers the alarm before he gets close to your home or business. The detector’s microwave and infrared technology can differentiate between the movement of animals and humans.



Stops the burglary within seconds and protects your values.

The smoke canon will not be triggered automatically when the alarm goes off. It will only be triggered manually, by the Alarm monitoring station, after an image/video/audio verification that there are intruders in your home or business. After being triggered, the smoke canon will leave an entire room covered in thick white smoke within 60 seconds, making it impossible for the thieves to see your values. The smoke is completely harmless to people, animals, electronics and furniture. But as all other pyrotechnic, it will leave a smell unless you ventilate properly and dry off your surfaces afterwards.

Verisure Portal

Verisure Portal

Key pad, SOS-alarm, two-way-communication and siren in one.

Verisure Portal touch screen is a key pad, SOS-alarm, two-way-communication and siren, all in one. It is permanently linked via 3G to our Alarm Monitoring Station and is fully portable within your home or business premises. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply press the SOS/Panic Button on your Portal and we will be there to help.