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Verisure Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion Alarm and Mobile Connectivity (GSM) with 24-hour connection to our monitoring station and free security officer callouts. No lock in period.

Verisure has the most happy and satisfied home alarm customers in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
Inbrott, brand, SOS
Verisure Intrusion Alarm

Verisure Home alarm

Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm and Mobile Connectivity (GSM) with 24-hour connection to our monitoring station and free security officer callouts. No lock in period.

Verisure has the most happy and satisfied home alarm customers in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
Inbrott, Brand, SOS, Energi
Verisure Complete Alarm

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Customers reviews

My declaration of love!

- My husband works shifts, and therefore sleeps many nights away from home. I was anxious every time I went to bed, and often felt like my children and I was "an easy target".

- Since I got the alarm from Verisure, I have felt a lot safer in my home!

- Not only because of the visible alarm stickers but also because I am sure that no one has been in our house during the day.

- In addition we can set the alarm on the first floor while we sleep on the second.

- I would go so far to say that with my alarm system I have also aquired a good nights sleep and peace of mind!

Kjersti Helgerud Blair

Verisure customer

Extra security

- I wanted extra security, and got it!
- I wished for a more safe and secure everyday life and the choice quickly fell on the Verisure alarm system. Verisure is very visible in my area, which I think gives a better sense of security.

- The system is easy to use even for the less technical. Our 84 year old Grandmother has no problems with using the alarm when her grandson constantly forgets something at home.

- After the system was installed, another man from Verisure came after a few months and assured me that everything was done by the book. So as a customer, we feel well taken care of in every respect.

- We have now had the alarm from Verisure for one year, and are very pleased. We also have cats in the house and it offers no problem that they are home alone.

- I think it's time to install an alarm in the cabin as well! Why wait? In addition, I will have a closer look at the Verisure climate sensor!

Marthe Cecilie Olsen

Verisure customer

User friendly

- One of our neighbors surprised an unknown man in the middle of their living room. The uninvited guest fortunately started running when he was discovered. But it gave us goosebumps thinking that it might as well have happened in our house.

- Both my partner and myself enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a home alarm.

- Verisure is an intelligent system that makes our everyday life easier.

- We certainly got full advantage of our alarm system when our son was born. In the Verisure App I could see that the temperature in our house had decreased by 6 degrees because of a faulty circulating pump. I got the heat turned up and made sure our newborn son received a warm welcome when we returned home.

Svein Holten

Verisure customer

Free security officer callouts

A safe, secure alarm system

Free security officer callouts are included

Verisure gives you a professionally monitored intrusion alarm with camera detectors for image verification of the cause of alarms and free security officer callouts*. The system's connection to the alarm centre is very secure as it can be connected via both broadband and GSM, and via double gateways. You can also have point protection with monitoring of strategic intrusion points using door and window magnets.

Our Intrusion Pro service includes deterrent alarm stickers that are placed on doors and windows. Our alarm operators continuously check your alarm system and react immediately if anything happens. If the alarm goes off, the camera detectors immediately take a series of photos, which are sent to the alarm centre. The operator can directly decide what triggered the alarm and take the correct action.

* Exeptions are obvious abuse of the service.

We are there for you all the way

Installation and service

Installation and service

Our alarm specialists will take care of the installation of your system. This is a service we give all our customers. It also gives both you and us a guarantee that the entire alarm chain works properly.

Service and maintenance of the alarmsystem is also included in our Home- and Home Villa-package.

 Dedicated alarm centre

Dedicated monitoring station

Verisure/Securitas Direct's monitoring station is staffed by specially trained alarm operators 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They specialise in interpreting and verifying the cause of an alarm and can quickly decide what action is required.

Our monitoring station is only available to Verisure/Securitas Direct customers. Our operators work only with the technology and services we offer. This means that we can offer one of the best services on the market.

Free security officer callouts

Free security officer callouts

If we can not reach you when your alarm is triggered, security officers ill visit your house and make an inspection of your home. This is free of charge, regardless of the cause of the alarm. (exceptions are obvious abuse of the service).

Security officer callouts are included in your subscription. In most cases we work with Securitas, which has many years of experience and offers professional security officer services.

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Serial-connected optical smoke detectors save lives

Greater safety with connection to our dedicated monitoring station.

A reliable fire alarm system is one of the cornerstones of safety at home. In a fire, every second counts. Therefore, we recommend that you have a smoke detector in every room. With Verisure, you have an advance fire alarm system with interconnected, optical smoke detectors that alert with both signal and voice. If a detector senses smoke, it says: "Warning, fire!" and sends a signal to the other detectors in the system. These reply: "Warning, fire in another room!".

The smoke detectors are connected to our monitoring station and notify you via your mobile if there is any smoke in your home. If at least two smoke detectors report smoke, our alarm operators can call the rescue services directly, even if no one is at home. The smoke detectors are also linked to our photo detectors, which take pictures and send them to our monitoring station f smoke is detected. Image verification of the cause of an alarm is an additional tool that allows the operator to take the correct action fast.

En brandvarnare i varje rum ger ökad trygghet
Verisure App

Control your alarm with your mobile

Alarm on and off. Get notifications when your children come home. Check the status of the alarm and read off the temperature in your home. With the Verisure App it is easy to control and check on your home via your mobile, wherever you are.

With additional products and services, you can also unlock the exterior door, control the lights in your home or check the air humidity in the foundation or loft. We are always adding new smart services to make your life a little easier and more pleasant. The Verisure App can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. 



Unique technology

Verisure is a supplier of home alarms and connected services for the smart home. With us you get a future-proofed system that can be extended and contains multifunctional products. As soon as you connect a new product, you just download new software. Connection via both broadband and GSM, encrypted communication and the fact that we are responsible for our own design and development all mean that the system is extremely secure and reliable. Get to know some of our products.

VBox Duo

Main component

VBox is the heart and brain of your system. It functions as the hub of all communication within the system and with the monitoring station. It is connected via the mobile (GSM) network and via broadband.

Dual communication paths mean that the system remains connected to the alarm centre even if the internet connection fails or mobile coverage fails temporarily. 

Smoke detector

Smoke detector

Verisure smoke detectors talk to you and to each other.

The detectors are interconnected and provide simultaneous warnings with voice messages and signals so that everyone in your home soon knows where smoke has been detected. You also get a message on your mobile.

With the Fire Pro service, the system alarms the alarm centre. The smoke detector also measures room temperature and relative air humidity. 

Camera detector

Camera detector

With a camera in your alarm system, the operator can immediately check what caused an alarm and rapidly take the correct action.

With images of the cause of the alarm, we can call the police and rescue services in the event of an intrusion or fire. Or we can cancel any action in the event of a false alarm.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the detector to suit your pets up to 30-35 kg. This allows your pets to move freely in your home even when the alarm is activated.



The siren is a freestanding unit that produces a 105 decibel alarm.

With an integrated thermometer, the siren functions in principle as an additional fire alarm as it issues an alarm when the temperature exceeds 65°C or if the temperature rises more than 18°C in less than 170 seconds.

. You can also read off the indoor temperature using the Verisure App.



On the keypad, you arm and disarm the alarm with your personal code or your codekey.

The keypad works as a security alarm. If you press the two SOS keys, an alarm is sent directly to an operator at our monitoring station. The keypad can also be used as a door bell. You can set the control panel to produce a signal and tell you if someone comes in through the entrance.


Chock sensor magnet

With magnets you can create point protection on doors, windows and other strategic entry points. When a door or window with a magnet is opened, the alarm goes off.

You can set traps for intruders by alarming the door down to the basement, or other doors that you can close at night or when you're away on holiday. But it does not only protect against intruders while you are away. You can have all or parts of the protection activated at nighttime.




With StarKey-codekeys, it is easy for the entire family to switch the alarm off and on.

Hold the codekey against the control panel and the alarm is on or off with one keystroke.


Each codekey has a unique identity. This allows you to check who enters and leaves your home and you can easily block a lost key or register a new one. 


The codekeys are available in six colors: white, balck, red, blue, pink and turquoise.  

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Best in test

Bransjevinner 4 år på rad hos Norsk Kundebarometer

Business winner 4 years in a row

Norsk Kundebarometer awards Verisure the residential alarm company with the most satisfied customers.

Best i Test 2014 - TV2 Hjelper Deg

Best in test

TV2 Hjelper Deg awards Verisure Best in Test on security guard response time on confirmed burglar alarms.

Vinner av IOT 2017

Best IoT platform 2017

Mobile Institute awards Verisure winner of Internet of Things Enterprise of the Year.