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Norway's leading supplier of home alarms

Verisure is Norway’s leading provider alarm systems for families and small businesses. We have over 30 years of experience and 240.000 Norwegian customers. We provide innovative security technology tailored for each individual customer, and now er can even provide you safety outside your home. Learn more about our alarm products

New Alarm Products and services

ZeroVision  from Verisure Home alarm

NEW! ZeroVision smoke canon

ZeroVision stops the burglary within seconds and protects your values.


Verisure Portal from Verisure Home alarm

NEW! Verisure Portal touch screen

Key pad, SOS-alarm, two-way-communication and siren in one.


Surveillance camera from Verisure Home alarm

NEW! Outdoor surveillance camera

Prevent burglary and vandalism to your home or business.



Now you can feel secure, even outside your home

Accidents, sudden illness and other emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere.
At Verisure, we want you to feel safe, no matter where you are. That's why we at Verisure are now expanding our alarm service to also secure you outside your home.

With Verisure Guardian you are not alone

We now give you Verisure Guardian, a completely new alarm service, which means that you and your loved ones are also secured outside the home. With Verisure Guardian activated on your mobile, help is at hand, no matter where you are. When you click SOS, we see your position, and can pass this information on to alert people and emergency services. This can save vital time.



In the event of an accident, threatening situation or sudden illness, click the Verisure Guardian SOS button. If you need help, or do not answer when we call, we will see where you are and can share this with your alert persons and emergency services, so that they can find you faster.


  • Click the Verisure Guardian SOS-button

  • We receive your emergency signal along with your GPS position

  • We call you, and if needed your alert persons

  • We contact emergency services if needed

  • Schedule expected time of arrival at your destination

  • We periodically receive your position

  • If your arrival is not confirmed within the scheduled time, we receive an emergency alert

  • We call you, and if needed your alert persons and emergency service


When your are out alone, enable TRYGT FØLGE on your mobile. During the time period you have stated, we will be extra vigilant and monitor your position. If you do not confirm that you have arrived at your destination when the countdown expires, we will start our emergency procedures.


Our customers rate our alarm as EXCELLENT


Security alarm services: Safety, quality and expertice

Gratis vekterutrykning

Fast help and free security officer callouts

At valid or unclear alarms, a security officer will go to your home and investigate.

At verified valid alarms, a security officer will visit your home and do a, free of charge*, outdoor inspection of your home. If keys are available they will also do an indoor inspection. (*exceptions are obvious abuse of the service).

Verisure works with Securitas, who have many years of experience and offers professional security officer services.

Profesjonell overvåking fra døgnåpen alarmstasjon

24/7 dedicated alarm monitoring station

As a Verisure customer, your home is professionally monitored 24/7.

Verisure's monitoring station is staffed by specially trained alarm operators 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They specialize in interpreting and verifying the cause of an alarm and can quickly decide what action is required.

Styr og kontroller alarmsystemet via verisure app

Verisure app as remote control

With the Verisure App you can remotely control both your alarm system and your smart home.

In addition to control your alarm system, you can also watch surveillance footage, alert SOS, control door locks, heat and electronic devices from your mobile, from wherever you are in the world.